5 Things to Remind Yourself


Setting a reminder on your phone has become common practice in our day and age. A notification on your phone is the best way not to forget the appointment you have at 10am at the doctor, the meeting at 12pm, to buy milk, feed the cat, paint your nails, call Mum, pay your rent, meet Bob at the pub at 7pm... the list goes on and on...

Perhaps some of us spend all day wrapped up in our to do lists that we forget to remind ourselves of some equally important things.

Here are some reminders for your soul!

1. You're only human. And nobody's perfect.

2. Happiness is a decision. So make the decision to be happy :)

3. What other people think doesn't matter. Do what feels right for you, regardless of what other people have to say about it.

4. Stay present. Focus on the here and the now, don't get too wrapped up in the past or the future.

5. Don't give up. Keep going no matter what and you will succeed!

5 Things to Remind Yourself

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