App Permissions- What am I agreeing to?


Due to the recent Pokémon G-mail scandal people across the globe have suddenly woken up to access permissions and what granting access could mean.

Where many millions of people used to just scroll through and press accept, they are now waking up to the fact that clicking OK on their phone without reading is like signing a form you haven’t looked at.

Mobile applications ask for access to certain things in order to work. Without accepting certain permissions some functions of your app will not be available. Our messenger apps ask for access to your device’s camera for example, so that you can take pictures with our SelfieCheckr feature. Equally, if you wish to send a recorded voice message, you will have to have agreed to the app accessing the microphone. It’s rather straight forward.

Just take a short moment to consider why the app might need access to what it is asking for, if it is something which the app needs in order to perform a certain function, then it is absolutely fine to click accept.

 Access permissions are something you shouldn’t have to spend too much time worrying about; common sense will tell you if certain access requests are suspicious. Don’t accept anything that you don’t agree to and don’t accept anything that isn’t essential for the app’s performance. The Pokémon users who agreed to giving the app full account access simply should have been more mindful of what they were agreeing to.

Here is a list of what we request access to on each of our apps:

BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger
SelfieCheckr Messenger
Ecards and LoveNotes Messenger

-Contacts and End User License Agreement (Privacy Policy & Scanning for contact matches)
-Take pictures and record video
-Access to photos, media and files (so that you can create your own note designs, as well as send pictures and files to your friends)
-Send and view SMS messages (we only use this when registering your phone number to our app, so that we can send an SMS to your phone and view the verification code)
-Record audio (for voice messages)

Language Switcher

Caller ID Blocker
-Make and manage calls


Timed Flashlight
-Take pictures and record video

Caller ID Blocker Access Permissions