Create Olympic Themed Reminders to Watch Your Team!


The Olympic Games are getting well under way this week, with medals being awarded left, right and centre for a range of sports. The 2012 London Olympics was the most watched television event in history and Rio 2016 is expected to top that record. We, as spectators, all have our favourite sports to watch and even though most of us will only be tuning in via our televisions or online, we will still get to feel the excitement and thrill of the Summer Games.

Our lives can be busy and crazy, and the majority of us don’t spend the entire day perched in front of the TV, waiting for our sport of choice to come on. That’s why setting a reminder can be a great way to stay on top of your free time, not just for work or reminders for your to do list. Remember to relax this summer too!

We at NOS are looking forward to watching the women’s 10 metre synchronized diving this evening and one of our team members has made herself a reminder for it using our BotherMe&U Messenger app. She’s used a Union Jack from our templates as she’ll be supporting team GB throughout the Olympic Games, and she set it for 8.58pm so that she has time to make a quick tea before settling down to watch it... how very British of her indeed. 

Here it is:

Reminder for Olympic Games

We here at NOS apps want to wish good luck to all of the Olympians and good luck to all the spectators around the world! Don’t miss your favourite sport!!