Finding Apps in the Store


There are millions upon millions of apps in the digital world these days, that can allow you to do almost anything on your phone, from finding someone to cuddle and finding out the optimal time to run to the toilet during a film at the cinema to games your cat can play and documenting places you’ve been to the bathroom. Lovely.

Secure Encrypted Reminder Messenger Search Bar App StoreWith thousands to choose from in each category, finding the right app for you can be hard work. Think about what you want to be able to do, for example: “I want an app which will remind me of my to-do list, but I can also use as a messenger. Oh, and it should be secure too, there’s been a lot about data security in the news recently and I don’t want anyone but me and my friends being able to read my chats.”

Pick out some key features which you’d like. Type these into the search bar.

          remind messenger secureApp Reviews

Take a look at your results, the app name and icon will be listed, along with a rating. It won’t be easy to judge an app based on its rating alone, so take the time to read some of the reviews.

You should consider what users say about their experience with the app, and read more than one of two reviews so that you get a wider picture.

Take a look at the app description and the photos or videos provided. This is where the developer will display the significant functions and features of the app, so here is a good place to get an idea what the app will look and feel like to use.

There may also be a section called “What’s New”, in which the developer will list the latest features to the app, through which you will get an idea how the app is updated and how the developer is improving the app.

If you have more questions the developer will usually include an email address, with which you can contact them if you have problems using the app. Most developers like to hear from their users, even if they have issues or negative feedback. Your criticism may lead to a fantastic idea that will benefit you and other users!

Our apps are available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Samsung Galaxy Store, Opera and Xiaomi.