Queen of the Selfie: Frida Kahlo


The Selfie is a phenomenon of our time. It has become both a whirlwind trend and a commonplace occurrence in the digital age we live in.

Self portraits, however, existed for artists long before the front camera on a mobile phone ever did. Artists use self portraits as a form of expression, a depiction of their feelings, dreams, pain and their lives behind the brush.

Frida Kahlo definitely takes the top spot as Queen of the Selfie!

She understood the power of an image and was truly unique in the way she conveyed identity through her art.

We at NOS apps particularly love this portrait she did in 1939, called Las dos Fridas (The two Fridas). It reminds us of some of our before and after photos when using the SelfieCheckr app!

                                                                                                                                            Frida Kahlo: Las dos Fridas 1939