Selfie Fun with our Messenger Apps


Selfie has become a normalized word. In 2012, it was noted by Time magazine as one of the top ten buzzwords of the year. Since then the selfie trend has grown ever more popular.

Our SelfieCheckr Messenger app has a unique selfie function. You friends cannot see your selfie until they have taken a selfie, and after they have seen your selfie the app will take another picture, creating a before and after shot. This is great for checking out your friends’ reactions.

You can also rate any pictures you exchange with up to five stars and your buddies will see the rating which you have chosen.

Rating Selfies- five stars!

If you have an iOS device there is an additional element of fun involved. The app will create a before and after Polaroid, sharable on other social media platforms!

This feature is also available on BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger and Ecards and LoveNotes Messenger.

iOS and iPhone selfie polaroids!