What is encryption and why do I need it on my messenger app?



Encryption comes from kryptos, in Greek, which means hidden or secret. Its use by humans can be traced back almost 3000 years, when in an inscription, unknown hieroglyphs were used by an Egyptian scribe to obscure the meaning. This was probably done to protect the message’s exclusiveness when carried between communicants. At that time most people couldn’t read anyway, but this particular scribe must have thought it important that only the recipient understand the message. This is, essentially, how encryption works in our messaging apps too, although most people can’t hack or intercept the messages you send, you still might want some protection from those that can.

Encryption converts the information that is transmitted electronically from plaintext into a ciphertext. This ciphertext can only be deciphered by the sending and receiving devices. This is called End-to-End encryption, and means that even we, the developers, do not have the key to unlock the code on your chats. Although many messengers claim to be encrypted, the company behind them can still read your chats with a master key.

Here at NOS Apps, we wouldn’t be able to read your chats even if we wanted to.

That’s a promise.

Encrypted Text