Texting without a SIM or Number

2016-05-04 Wed

How To Message From A Phone, Tablet, or Device With No SIM-Card!

At NOS Apps we were frustrated that the vast majority of messenger apps on the market require a valid SIM-Card in order to enable messaging. This means you can't send messages from your tablet, and anybody with your number can contact you. We created a system that allows our users to create their own, self-generated '555' number, allowing for anonymous chatting, registering multiple devices, and sending messages from a tablet or a non-SIM device.

We Have a Winner

2016-05-02 Mon

Winner Announced

First of we would like to give a shout out to everyone who participated in our competition. In the end there could only be one winner. Winner Announced
Congratulations @Nylon_Nylon ! You are the 1st #winner of our Google Voucher. There will be more competitions coming up through the week so keep your eyes open. Please follow us for more competitions https://twitter.com/NOSapps?lang=en