Apps For Christmas


Timed Flashlight- Laying out presents for the kids in the dead of night can be tricky business, after all, you don’t want to wake them and spoil their fantasies about Santa Claus. Our flashlight app has a timer that you can set for 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 3 minutes, or leave on forever (until you close the app). Try setting it for three minutes and using your trouser pocket to hold your phone’ now the way is lit and you can lay those presents swiftly without turning on the lights! December 24th and 25th are two of the shortest days of the year, with only about 7 and a half hours of daylight, so Timed Flashlight is perfect for a helping hand when going outside to get kindling and wood so that you can light the fire on cold winter nights!

MuteIt!- With the MuteIt! Widget you can silence your phone in just one touch and guarantee that it makes no noise! When you’re dressed up as Santa for the kids, your phone going off won’t give you away. Silence your phone fast and don’t get disturbed during family time or whilst eating your Christmas dinner.

CallerID Blocker- Caller ID Blocker has three options, hide your caller ID from all numbers, hide your identity from unsaved numbers or allow your caller ID to show. Use it to call and surprise your friends and family with festive greetings, or you could call the kids and pretend to be Santa Claus!Ecards and Greetings on Messenger Apps

BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger- Our BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger is a messaging app, a reminder and a notes creator all rolled into one, it’s also the securest messenger application on the market, using end-to-end encryption, password locked chats and the option not to use your own mobile number. We’ve got dozens of Christmas and New Year themed templates for you to modify and adapt to create your very own personalized festive greetings to send to your friends!

SelfieCheckr Secure Messenger- SelfieCheckr, like BotherMe and LoveNotes, is a secure messaging app. It’s design is similar to our other two messengers. It’s secure and encrypted, meaning only you and your friends can see your chats. With this app you can send anything to your friend (selfies, pictures, images, voice messages, files, text) and with the SelfieCheckr function on the recipient’s device will take a selfie of them before and after they see your content. This way you can both check who is reading our chats and also see their reactions to what you send with the before and after photos. Make good use of this at Christmas, share selfies at the office Christmas party and get in the Christmas cheer by sending selfies to everyone using the SelfieCheckr feature. 

Our apps are available from iTunesSamsung Galaxy StoreAmazonGoogle PlayXiaomi and Opera.