Caller ID Blocker


Here at NOS Apps we listen carefully to what our users say about our applications, whether it be a bug that needs fixing, ideas for new features or thoughts on existing functions of the applications, we love getting feedback from our customers.

We have recently updated the icons for our Caller ID Blocker application. The idea was put forward by a number of users that our icons could better reflect the different modes of the app. Some said green would be a much better colour to show that caller ID is always shown for outgoing calls and others also suggested a traffic light system, we loved the idea and incorporated it into some new icon designs to show different modes.

Show my Caller ID

The green icon shows that the outgoing number is always shown, to all contacts.


Block Caller ID for numbers I haven't saved

The pink icon with the contact avatar and question mark shows that the outgoing number is only blocked for numbers which are not saved (unknown contacts).


Block Caller ID on all outgoing calls

The red crossed out symbol shows that caller ID is always blocked, for all outgoing calls.


These icons appear both as the widget on the home screen and in the top menu bar so the mode which the Caller ID Blocker application is in is always visible to users.

Hide My Caller ID

Our app logo also got updated with these changes.



We’d also like to thank those users who contact us about bugs or problems with the Caller ID Blocker app. As the application relies on prefix codes to block outgoing caller ID, it’s important we hear from customers about their network provider or the country they are using the application in. The reason for this is that some network providers in some jurisdictions do not allow caller ID blocking, some require caller ID blocking to be activated and others use different codes from the standard. There are 196 countries in the world, each with multiple different network providers (India has over 30 and the US has more than 90), plus there are always new networks being used and so on, so we can’t keep track of all of them! That’s why when something isn’t working, we rely on our customers to tell us about it so that we can look into the reason why and work on a solution to make our application compatible with the network provider or handset in question.


Caller ID Blocker is available for free on Google Play, Samsung, Amazon, Xiaomi and Opera

Or for the ad-free version go to: Google Play, Samsung or Amazon.