Free Apps


There are over 2.2 million apps on the Google Play Store, 2 million on the Apple App Store and more than 600 thousand on the Amazon App Store. The number of free apps in the Google Play Store stands at around 68 to 69 percent, which totals around 1.5 million apps which you can download free of charge.

How do these free applications make money and how does a developer survive when it offers its products for free?

That’s simple. These applications work the same way as your free TV channels, they are funded by advertising.

Advertising in apps has also been dubbed ‘Appvertising’ and studies show that it is significantly more effective See App Pop-Ups Like a Commercial Breakthan banner ads on websites, which most users see as intrusive and don’t tend to click on. 

Although many app users may find pop-ups within and app (and interstitial ads) annoying, they are what allow us to use applications for free and can often easily be exited in order to carry on using your chosen app.

At NOS Apps we have two versions of all our apps, those which run ads, and those which are ad-free, available for a small price.

Our messengers, BotherMe&U Reminder, Ecards&LoveNotes and SelfieCheckr are the securest messaging apps on the market. They all use end-to-end encryption, which we cannot gain access to, meaning your messages can be read on sending and receiving devices only. These apps all have the option to lock individual chats, add encryption passwords and create 555 numbers so as to avoid using your real phone number if you wish. Delete messages from both your own device and the receiver’s handset using the timed delete function. Choose from hundreds of template designs to create your own personalized notes, by adding pictures, drawings and text, then set them as reminders or share them with friends. The SelfieCheckr function can be used in all three messengers, send messages or selfies to your friends and their phone will automatically take a before and after photo of the recipient using their front camera.

Available on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, Amazon App Store, Xiaomi and the Opera Mobile Store.