History of the Selfie: Photography at Arm’s Length


Since the dawn of photography, in 1939, people have been taking selfies.

The first ever selfie was taken shGrand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Mirror Selfieortly after the first form of camera, a daguerreotype, was invented. Robert Cornelius from Philadelphia was the first to take a snap of himself. Back in those days it would have taken 15 minutes of exposure time to capture.

Since then there have been billions upon billions of images created of a subject by a subject. So are these self portrait images really as narcissistic as they are made out to be in today’s media?

You might think mirror selfies with a smart phone are characteristic of our time, but did you know that the Grand Duchess of Russia, Anastasia Nikolaevna took a selfie in a mirror way back in 1913?

Front cameras on our smart phones haven’t created anything particularly innovative either, the obsession with selfies has spanned across almost two centuries and the give-away stretched out arm has been ever present throughout. A mid-1920s shot of photographer James Byron Clayton and friends is a wonderful example of skilled arm stretching and expert positioning.

Selfie in the 1920s

As cameras have evolved so have the way we take selfies and time has provided us with famous selfies such as the white swimsuit picture of Kim Kardashian, the space selfie by Astronaut Aki Hoshide, the Plane Crash selfie off the shore of Molokai in Hawaii and the selfie taken by Barack Obama, David Cameron and Helle Thorning-Schmidt at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Nobody can forget, of course, the hundreds of funny photobomb selfies which are uploaded to the internet every day.

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