A Secure Reminder Messenger


Are you forgetful?  Do you need constant daily reminders in order to get your to do list done?

BotherMe&U is the app for you.

Using one of the many templates on BotherMe&U, you can create personalised reminders and stick them to your phone home screen like a post-it or sticky note for your personal device. Create notes with your personal pictures, draw or write to make truly unique reminders for your phone. Set a timer so that your alarm will go off and your note will remind you at exactly the right moment.

Not only is BotherMe&U the perfect organisation app, it is also one of the securest messengers on the market. End-to-end encryption means messages can only be seen on the sending and receiving device. For extra protection users can also lock their individual chat conversations with password lock, or set an individual encryption password for certain recipients too.

Hands-free messaging is simple with BotherMe&U, just press and hold the microphone button to start recording and tap again to stop. This way you don’t need to hold down the microphone button whilst recording a message. Plus, voice messages on BotherMe&U don’t have a time limit, so you can talk for as long as you like.

Timed delete means you can delete messages from both your phone and the receiving device. Keep your privacy by wiping messaging history.

The messenger app can be used even if you don’t have a SIM card. It’s easy to set up a unique 555 number using BotherMe&U, so that you can chat using your tablet or avoid using your real phone number.

The most unique feature in the app is the SelfieCheckr function, which lets you grab selfies from your friends’ phones by opening their front camera. When you send a message with the SelfieCheckr function on, you can receive an instant reaction photo of your friend when they open the message. Use this for your amusement, or use it as an added security feature to check who is really reading the messages you send.

Check out the note template designs here!

BotherMe&U is available on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Samsung Galaxy Store, Xiaomi and Opera. Or check out the BotherMe&U Facebook page to see daily notes created using the app.

A secure and encrypted messenger alternative