Selling Your Phone? Secure Your Data First


When you trade in, sell or give your old handset to somebody you should delete all of your personal files on the device. Doing so can decrease the risk that somebody can commit identity fraud against you, steal and view your private pictures or read your emails and messages, leaking your business and personal secrets. However, if you simply do a factory reset or delete your files manually, there is still a chance your private files could be accessed and stolen.

Just deleting files from a phone does not mean that they are gone for good, after all there are tools that Phone Securitycan easily recover the data. This is because when you delete files, all that happens inside your phone is that the storage space is marked as available but the files that are stored there do not actually disappear until they have been overwritten by something else.

There is a better way to ensure your device is securely and completely clear of your data before you hand it over to the next owner.


Take your SD card out. If you’ve encrypted files on your expansion card make sure you turn off the encryption before you remove it from your phone.

Encrypt files on your phone. For Android devices, you can do this by selecting the security option and enabling encryption. Note that some phones do already have encryption by default.

Logout of all accounts. Log out of any accounts you are logged into whether on the mobile browser or the account for your phone or tablet provider (Samsung account, Microsoft, Google account, iCloud, etc).

Now you can factory reset your phone, but not without disabling the ‘automatic restore’ option in the device settings. For Android phones, the reset function can be found in the phone settings, under ‘Factory data reset’ under ‘Back up and Reset’.

Fill up the entire memory with files which are not private. By doing this, all the storage space which held your files will be overwritten and your personal files will definitely be deleted from the phone. After filling up the entire memory you can factory reset the device again. You can do this as many times as you wish if you really want to be sure that your personal files cannot be accessed after the phone is no longer is your possession.


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