Whats 'Appened with WhatsApp? Messaging Giant Shares User Data with Facebook


WhatsApp announced, in a blog post from yesterday entitled “Looking ahead for WhatsApp”, that the messaging application would start sharing phone numbers and names with Facebook. The reason stated for handing over this data to its parent company was “to communicate with businesses that matter to you too”. So Facebook will know about communications WhatsApp users make with airlines, delivery services and even the bank.

WhatsAppened to WhatsApp?

The FAQs on the website of the messaging giant have a newly added question: “How do I choose not to share my account information with Facebook to improve my ads?”. Through this they just confirmed that Facebook is extracting the user data with big plans to turn it into a goldmine: billions of users’ advertising profiles. #dislike. 

WhatsApp and Facebook get dislikes this morning after announcing new data sharing strategy

Since its becoming end-to-end encrypted at the beginning of the year, WhatsApp was starting to build a better image for itself. Users could finally start to believe that the app was secure and private. This collaboration with its parent company, set to begin in 30 days, may have smashed that illusion yet again for the messaging leader.

With data privacy being a continually hot topic, users may start to look for secure, private alternative messaging apps. Apps that do not collect information and share it with other parties.

There are more private messaging services like BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger, SelfieCheckr or the Ecards & LoveNotes Messenger. These are all end-to-end encrypted, and we the developer, do not have a master key, meaning that messages can be read solely on the sending and receiving devices. Furthermore, we do not collect any data from our users, and nor do we ever wish to.