10 Reasons Why Half a Million People are Leaving Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp for this Awesome Alternative


Online privacy has become a major concern in recent years, with photos and messages being leaked on the cloud, browsing habits being used to provide advertising content, and the market leading messenger apps being complicit in NSA and GCHQ surveillance. It’s easy to feel like there’s no alternative to these privacy-abusing messenger giants, but over half a million people have already switched to this awesome new messenger by NOS Apps – BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger. Here are 10 reasons why you should join them.

1. Your messages are 100% private.

Your messages are 100% private
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BotherMe&U uses advanced End-2-End (E2E) encryption, meaning your messages are encrypted twice on both the sending and receiving device, and cannot be read by any third parties.

2. You can set individual passwords for each of your chats.

You can set individual passwords for each of your chats
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Using this simple and efficient feature, you add an extra layer of security, and make sure only the intended recipient sees your messages.

3. Or go one step further with EyeCheckr.

Or go one step further with EyeCheckr
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If E2E encryption and individual passwords still don’t provide enough security, you can send a message with the added EyeCheckr feature, which takes a picture of the recipient when showing your content. Not only do you capture their instant reaction, but you can guarantee your message is being delivered to the right person.

4. It doesn’t require a SIM card.

It doesn’t require a SIM card
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Just like NOS’ other messenger apps LoveNotes and SelfieCheckr, BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger doesn’t need a SIM-card to send and receive messages. You can create your own ‘555’ number to enable messaging from your tablet, or anonymous chatting. For more information on how to register a ‘555’ number, check out this video tutorial.

5. You can use the same number on multiple devices.

You can use the same number on multiple devices
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Use your real number or self-generated ‘555’ number on multiple devices! Your choice whether is more comfortable to use your tablet, your smartphone or any other device at any time you want (up to three different devices).

6. It’s not just a messenger

It’s not just a messenger
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Despite having made impressive gains to become one of the most secure messenger apps on the marketplace, BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger is far from a one-trick pony. You can use the note manager to create Post-It Notes to float above your screen, to-do lists and reminders, for yourself or to send to a friend. There are hundreds of HD templates to choose from, or you can create your own!

7. The developers won’t sneak through changes to their privacy policy.

The developers won’t sneak through changes to their privacy policy
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Did you notice the recent changes Facebook and WhatsApp suddenly made to their privacy policies? By slipping through some new permissions, they can access personal data stored in your device to sell to advertisers. Facebook now has access to all of WhatsApp’s data - users’ phone numbers, address books, and payment information. Facebook was previously unable to tap these resources unless people connected their address books to Facebook Messenger, or provided Facebook with credit card information in a donation.

You may remember Facebook removed a privacy setting in order to expand the reach of its search feature, updated its privacy policy to explicitly reserve the right to feature its users' names and profile pictures in ads and faced an accusation that it takes data from private messages to better serve advertisers. Now that the service belongs to Facebook, users won't be paying with just money, but also with their personal information. NOS Apps takes your privacy very seriously, and never sells your data to advertisers.

8. The Timed Delete Function

The Timed Delete Function
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The news has been awash recently with stories of emails, photos and other sensitive material being hacked or leaked from the cloud. People are no longer willing to take the risk of discussing delicate or intimate topics with friends or colleagues, for fear that they may one day be made public. Fortunately, with BotherMe&U’s Timed Delete function, it’s possible to set an expiry date and time for any message you send – during which the recipient will be blocked from taking a screenshot. You are back in control of your messages and photos!

9. You can also schedule messages to be sent in the future

You can also schedule messages to be sent in the future
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You can set timers to send your messages, whenever is the right time for you. Another function combining simplicity and efficency; Timed Send will ensure you not to forget to contact people at the right time. Really useful if your week keeps pushing you to rush nearly any moment of the day; scheduling messages to be sent at the right time will allow you not to forget about these people, and you will have few less thoughts on top of your busy days.

10. Put some humanity back into chatting

Put some humanity back into chatting

The chat experience regains some humanity with the exclusive SelfieCheckr function, available as a feature of BotherMe&U, but also as its own separate SelfieCheckr Secure Messenger. One word responses, blue “Message Read” ticks, LOLs and emoticons fill our chats with the boring, insincere and mundane. SelfieCheckr puts a slice of humanity back, automatically returning a snap of the recipient’s reaction once they see your message.

Try BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger for free here!