Stay Safe with NOS Apps


Stay Secure!

We at NOS Microsystems take your privacy and security extremely seriously, and have embedded this concept into the core of our applications. Our instant messaging apps allow the user to lock conversations with a password, enable a timed auto-delete for photos and conversations as well as encrypting the messages. With this multi-layered approach to securing your privacy, you can rest assured that all your conversations and photos will remain away from prying eyes.

Stay Secure

As well as security, we’re big on functionality. Our messaging apps require no SIM card to receive and send messages, so if you’ve lost your SIM, or have a tablet, all of our messenger apps make it easy for you stay in contact. Plus you'll never forget anything with the floating notes option.

Download and try the new and updated versions of Selfie Checkr Secure Messenger, BotherMeAndU Reminder Messenger and ECards and LoveNotes Messenger along with Caller ID Blocker for free! All of which are available on Google Play, Amazon, Samsung Apps, Opera and Xiaomi Stores and NOW IOS!