Valentine's Day


Every year 14th February marks Saint Valentine’s Day, this year it will fall on a Tuesday.

According to many, the festival originally celebrated the legend of St Valentinus, who took care of weddings for soldiers who weren’t permitted to get married. February 14th was the day he was buried.

However, due to the fact that many early Saints had the name Valentine, there are many theories as to why Valentine’s Day came about; many of these had their origin in England. One of which, for example, is that the festival originally marked the beginning of Spring. Another reason for the day of Feast of Saint Valentine being connected to romantic love could have been the poems written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 1300s which mentioned ‘Valentines’.  Valentines Day Card

Henry VII of England declared February the 14th the holiday of St Valentine.

The phrase ‘be my Valentine’ most likely came about thanks to Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day, All the morning betime, And I a maid at your window, To be your Valentine”.

The 19th Century saw growing trends of hand written notes, which gave way to mass-production of greeting cards in the 20th century. Nowadays we use our phones and tablets!

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Five facts you didn't know about Valentine’s Day:

-It was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s card during Victorian times!
-Statistics show that around 3% of people give presents to their pets for Valentine’s Day.
-The number of cards exchanged for Valentine’s stands at around 1 billion worldwide!
-Richard Cadbury was responsible for the first chocolates dedicated to the day of love.
-Verona in Italy, the city of Shakespeare's famous lovers Romeo and Juliet, receives around a thousand Valentine’s letters every year, each of them addressed to Juliet. 


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