Valentine's Day

2017-02-10 Fri

Every year 14th February marks Saint Valentine’s Day, this year it will fall on a Tuesday.

According to many, the festival originally celebrated the legend of St Valentinus, who took care of weddings for soldiers who weren’t permitted to get married. February 14th was the day he was buried.

Free Apps

2017-01-19 Thu
There are over 2.2 million apps on the Google Play Store, 2 million on the Apple App Store and more than 600 thousand on the Amazon App Store. The number of free apps in the Google Play Store stands at around 68 to 69 percent, which totals around 1.5 million apps which you can download free of charge.

Apps For Christmas

2016-12-14 Wed
Laying out presents for the kids, collecting wood for the fire, finding the way on dark winter nights, calling friends and family, getting some peace and quiet, pretending to be Santa and taking family Selfies. We'll be doing it all this Christmas.