Beware: The Holiday Season App Scam

2016-12-02 Fri
As more and more people choose their mobile device over a desktop for internet shopping, there has been a huge rise of retailers creating apps. Among many other benefits to both business and clientele, such apps mean loyal customers have round the clock access to the store and the retailer can market its products effectively to those users. Many users however, don’t realise that only around two thirds of retailers have a mobile application. This large gap creates a space for hackers and scammers to create illicit applications and trick users into clicking malicious links or giving up their credit card information.

Sharable Selfie

2016-11-07 Mon

The selfie is one of the most popular trends of the digital age. People have been doing it since the arrival of digital cameras in the 1990s and finally, with front facing cameras appearing on mobile phones in 2003, the selfie began its invasion. Never before has it been so easy to snap pictures of yourself.

Where Did All My Data Go?

2016-10-17 Mon

Get more mobile dataThe amount of things we can do on our mobile phones these days is huge, we can use them for everything from business to entertainment, and of course their primary and original use, for maintaining our social lives. But all of these things require data, of which many of us only have a limited amount.

Selfie: The Viral Trend of Our Time

2016-10-04 Tue

Selfie…is a photograph that one takes of himself, usually using the front camera of a smartphone, or using a webcam. 

Back in 1900 the portable Kodak Brownie was launched, allowing the rich to perform their own photographic self portraits. It took a while before the 1970s brought affordable instant cameras to many households, changing the way amateur photographs were taken.

Despite several decades of self-portrait photography, the term ‘selfie’ was not coined until 2002, in “Dr Karl's Self-Serve Science Forum”.

Allo: Snowden warns against the new app

2016-09-27 Tue

With the launch of its new messenger app this week, Google seems to be striving to get hot on the heels of the leading messenger WhatsApp.  Only 6 Edward Snowdendays since its release the app has one million downloads from the Google Play Store already. However, there has also been controversy surrounding the new Google venture, with Edward Snowden tweeting several times about the new app.

Personalise Your Reminders and Notes

2016-09-22 Thu

With messenger apps from NOS Apps you can create Ecards to send greetings to your friends, or use your own creations as reminders that pop up or stick to your home screen.

Making your own notes is simple with the messenger app, all you need to do is go to the app and click on the template at the bottom left of the home screen. This will open the default template and you can start typing your personalized message.

If you want to change the template, that’s easy too. Just click the templates icon, which looks like this:

Get More Battery Life

2016-09-20 Tue

Smartphones have changed the way the world works, we can now do a vast amount of things on the screens in our palms and the abilities of these super computers show no sign of slowing. One struggle so many of seem to have though, is how to conserve the battery on a device which we rely on all day.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to get the most out of your phone’s battery life.