E-cards and LoveNotes

2016-04-04 Mon

The most secure Love Notes app on the market

What is E-card and Lovenotes ? Love notes is the most secure romantic messenger/content creator app.

An easy way of sending messages with love themes to family, friends and that special someone. Have you ever feared that your messages or other private information you send over the internet is being read by someone else? Or if it can be hacked? What sets this app apart from it's competitors are the templates that can be used to create Notes and other original content.

Stay Safe with NOS Apps

2016-04-01 Fri

Stay Secure!

We at NOS Microsystems take your privacy and security extremely seriously, and have embedded this concept into the core of our applications. Our instant messaging apps allow the user to lock conversations with a password, enable a timed auto-delete for photos and conversations as well as encrypting the messages. With this multi-layered approach to securing your privacy, you can rest assured that all your conversations and photos will remain away from prying eyes.

Check out our new range of Emojis!

2015-08-31 Mon

We’re pleased to announce that our latest updates of BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger, Ecards & LoveNotes Messenger and SelfieCheckr contain encryption updates to further protect your online security with one of the most secure messenger apps available. As if this wasn't enough, we've also included an entire range of new and unique emojis!

10 Reasons Why Half a Million People are Leaving Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp for this Awesome Alternative

2015-03-13 Fri

Online privacy has become a major concern in recent years, with photos and messages being leaked on the cloud, browsing habits being used to provide advertising content, and the market leading messenger apps being complicit in NSA and GCHQ surveillance. It’s easy to feel like there’s no alternative to these privacy-abusing messenger giants, but over half a million people have already switched to this awesome new messenger by NOS Apps – BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger.

How To Message From Any Device, Even Without a SIM-Card

2015-02-25 Wed

How To Message From A Phone, Tablet, or Device With No SIM-Card!

At NOS Apps we were frustrated that the vast majority of messenger apps on the market require a valid SIM-Card in order to enable messaging. This means you can't send messages from your tablet, and anybody with your number can contact you. We created a system that allows our users to create their own, self-generated '555' number, allowing for anonymous chatting, registering multiple devices, and sending messages from a tablet or a non-SIM device.