Personalise Your Reminders and Notes

2016-09-22 Thu

With messenger apps from NOS Apps you can create Ecards to send greetings to your friends, or use your own creations as reminders that pop up or stick to your home screen.

Making your own notes is simple with the messenger app, all you need to do is go to the app and click on the template at the bottom left of the home screen. This will open the default template and you can start typing your personalized message.

If you want to change the template, that’s easy too. Just click the templates icon, which looks like this:

Get More Battery Life

2016-09-20 Tue

Smartphones have changed the way the world works, we can now do a vast amount of things on the screens in our palms and the abilities of these super computers show no sign of slowing. One struggle so many of seem to have though, is how to conserve the battery on a device which we rely on all day.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to get the most out of your phone’s battery life.

Privacy Policy

2016-09-15 Thu

A privacy policy is a legal document. App developers must include it in their apps, especially as it describes the way an app gathers information, as well as how it uses, manages and handles that information. For example, if an app needs a user’s email address, the privacy policy must state what it will be used for, whether it will be stored and whether the company will share the information with third parties. Giving the user such information on how their data will be used is a legal requirement to protect their privacy, so that they have a choice in how their data is handled.

Nougat: Android 7.0

2016-09-01 Thu

Android 7 is finally here!

We at NOS Apps are working hard to ensure all our apps will be compatible with the latest operating Android Nougatsystem from Android.

Nougat has been released for users of Google Nexus devices, and in the next few months it will start to become available for users of other smart phone brands.

Whats 'Appened with WhatsApp? Messaging Giant Shares User Data with Facebook

2016-08-26 Fri

WhatsApp announced, in a blog post from yesterday entitled “Looking ahead for WhatsApp”, that the messaging application would start sharing phone numbers and names with Facebook. The reason stated for handing over this data to its parent company was “to communicate with businesses that matter to you too”. So Facebook will know about communications WhatsApp users make with airlines, delivery services and even the bank.

BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger

2016-08-25 Thu

The BotherMe&U Reminder Messenger App is two apps in one. It functions both as a reminder app and an encrypted messenger app. This means you can set yourself tasks and reminders, using the timer function to alert you at a specific time, you can also send the same reminders to your friends using the messenger.

Finding Apps in the Store

2016-08-18 Thu

There are millions upon millions of apps in the digital world these days, that can allow you to do almost anything on your phone, from finding someone to cuddle and finding out the optimal time to run to the toilet during a film at the cinema to games your cat can play and documenting places you’ve been to the bathroom. Lovely.

ePrivacy in the EU

2016-08-16 Tue

It has been reported that the European Commission will introduce a draft law on security and privacy rules in the coming months. This will aim to ensure that voice calls and instant messaging via the internet will be protected in the same way SMS text messages, landline call and mobile calls are in the EU.

The History of Instant Messaging

2016-08-11 Thu

1961- Compatible Time-Sharing System created at the Computation Center of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

1965- MIT and New England colleges had hundreds of registered users of the CTSS

1980s- Zephyr Notification Service, also created by MIT through Project Athena, which aimed to produce a computing environment for educational use for the whole campus

1982- Commodore 64 PC released by Commodore International, with Internet Service where users could pay a fee to send messages to others via modem