Queen of the Selfie: Frida Kahlo

2016-07-21 Thu

The Selfie is a phenomenon of our time. It has become both a whirlwind trend and a commonplace occurrence in the digital age we live in.

Self portraits, however, existed for artists long before the front camera on a mobile phone ever did. Artists use self portraits as a form of expression, a depiction of their feelings, dreams, pain and their lives behind the brush.

Frida Kahlo definitely takes the top spot as Queen of the Selfie!

She understood the power of an image and was truly unique in the way she conveyed identity through her art.

Language Switcher

2016-07-13 Wed

Our Language Switcher app helps you to quickly and easily change the language of your phone. One click on the widget takes you to the language menu. That means there’s no need to navigate through several menus.

Some language learners love to change their handheld devices into their target language, so that they can immerse themselves in it and at the same time have more incentive to learn.

Language Switcher app

Living Group: The Better Way to Interact with Multiple Members

2016-07-11 Mon

Group chats can be a great way to interact with larger groups of people as well as an extremely helpful way to organize events and group meetings.

But sometimes you don’t want to share particular information with everyone in a group on a messenger app, especially if you some of the contacts in the group are people you don’t know or don’t have saved on your phone.

Sticky Note War

2016-07-04 Mon

One month ago an employee at a Canal Street New York advertising company wrote “HI” on her office window in sticky notes. When somebody decided to reply from the opposite building, simply writing “SUP”, a frenzy began.

The creative employees in the media and marketing agencies housed in both buildings started to think up more and more designs made up of sticky notes and began sending messages and drawing pictures for the opposing office to marvel at.

5 Things to Remind Yourself

2016-07-01 Fri

Setting a reminder on your phone has become common practice in our day and age. A notification on your phone is the best way not to forget the appointment you have at 10am at the doctor, the meeting at 12pm, to buy milk, feed the cat, paint your nails, call Mum, pay your rent, meet Bob at the pub at 7pm... the list goes on and on...

Perhaps some of us spend all day wrapped up in our to do lists that we forget to remind ourselves of some equally important things.

Here are some reminders for your soul!

1. You're only human. And nobody's perfect.